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Pieces of Chocolate



About Us

Spirited Sweets Chocolates are hand painted booze-infused bonbons. We use only Certified Fair Trade Chocolate, Certified Organic Dairy, and our own house-made liqueurs and infusions.


Spirited Sweets Chocolates was started by me, Sarah Cain, in 2022. I’m a former sommelier and organic farmer, who found myself surrounded by chocolate, and as a life-long DIYer,  experimented (self-taught) my way into being a chocolatier!


The name Spirited Sweets Chocolates marries two things: Yes, most of my chocolates include alcohol (spirits), as I have for over 20 years made and taught home-liqueur making. I have won multiple awards for them at the Alameda County Fair, including: 1st Place, Judges Favorite, and Best in Show. As well, I ran a haunted house for almost 10 years. When I started making chocolates, right away I started producing them in horror, dark, Halloween, sideshow and goth themes. I also love and offer chocolates in other themes: Tiki, retro, vintage, and pop culture twists on the classics - all to suit the event.


SSC also regularly offers non-alcoholic and vegan varieties. Flavors rotate with a focus on seasonality, and they look beautiful, too! Often people mistake them for gems or crystals. Each chocolate is hand painted with up to 4 different colored cocoa butters, and each color requires crystallization (curing/setting) periods in between. I love playing with colors, shapes, and humor to accentuate my chocolates.

Although a tag line of mine is “Booze-Infused Bonbons,” the amount of alcohol in each bon bon is quite small. My intent is not to intoxicate my patrons, rather to continue the long-standing tradition of confectionaries using alcohol to provide a more indulgent flavor. My booze-infused chocolates are legal to sell because they are “unadulterated.” According to the California State Health & Safety Code § 110590 Section b (2022), “Adulterated” is defined as “It bears or contains any alcohol in excess of 5 percent by weight.” Each of my bon bons contain 2% or less alcohol by weight.


Dillon Bread Company is the commercial kitchen where we produce our chocolates, in Vallejo, California. Currently we sell our chocolate online, at events, popups, and through pre/special order. Spirited Sweets Chocolates are colorful, playful, and always 'dressed up' for the event they are attending!

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